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Incidence continues to decrease - "Action Measures"

Incidence continues to decrease – “Action Measures”

The injury value has decreased in Cologne again, but is still at a high level. The city crisis team extended existing measures for another two weeks.

The Corona Pandimi It still defines everyday life in the cathedral city. How many injured are there? What are the rules? What do Cologne residents currently say about Covid-19Know the situation?

Saturday May 1: The infection rate continues to decline

The Robert Koch Institute I reported a seven-day infection of 181.7 in Cologne on Saturday morning. As in the previous days, the value has decreased. 296 new infections were reported within 24 hours.

Another Covid-19 related death has been recorded in Cologne. The total number of Death cases It increased to 638.

Friday, April 30: Procedures are extended for two weeks

The Cologne City Crisis Team has a general decree regarding Corona measurements For another two weeks. Crisis Team Leader Andrea Blume said at a news conference on Friday. Consequently, the regulations currently in place, including nighttime exit restrictions between 9 PM and 5 AM, apply at least until May 17. Previously, it was Lord Mayor Henriette Recker He said the current falling numbers show that the measures index is working.

Low incidence rate of less than 200

On Friday morning, the Robert Koch Institute reported the infection value was well below 193.6. This means that it is down by 20 pips compared to the previous day. 293 new infections were recorded, bringing the total number since the start of the pandemic to 47,782. Two more people died from the virus or were infected, bringing the number of deaths to 637.

Thursday, April 29: Infection rate drops again

On Thursday morning, the Robert Koch Institute in Cologne reported 262 new infections with the virus Corona Virus. Consequently, the incidence value drops again by more than 15 points to 214.6 now. In total, 47,489. The case proved. The number of deaths increased by three, bringing the total to 635.

Wednesday April 28: An Indian virus species is first detected in Cologne

In Cologne, two cases of the Indian Coronavirus were detected for the first time. The city announced Wednesday afternoon.

So far (as of April 28, 2021) 6,242 cases of the British mutated coronavirus variant, 330 cases of the South African variant, eight cases of the Brazilian variant and 53 cases of the mutation of the British mutated coronavirus variant have been detected. All positive PCR tests performed by people in the Cologne City Health Department’s area of ​​responsibility have been automatically checked for coronavirus variants since the end of January 2021.

Announcing the vaccination campaign in hot areas

The city of Cologne announced last week that it was in favor of Prof. A special ration of vaccinations for parts of the city particularly affected by Corona use. In addition, one is in exchange with the country North Rhine-Westphalia. In the provinces of Cologne, the incidence values ​​are sometimes very different.

A spokeswoman for the city of Cologne told the newspaper “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” that preferential vaccinations should be given to people in parts of the city with a high incidence of infection. However, this requires special approval from the state government. North Rhine-Westphalia now appears to be open to proposal.

NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) on Wednesday announced in the state parliament that Special vaccination campaigns To be implemented with a media campaign and mobile teams.

In places where people live in cramped living conditions, the risk of infection is greater than in a spacious home with a single family, Lachette said. High accidents should not depend on the postal code.

The incidence decreases for seven days again

The Robert Koch Institute reported 235 new cases of corona in Cologne Wednesday morning – the value of infection decreased again, to 230.7. The number of cases has now reached a total of 47,227 cases since the start of the epidemic. Three new deaths linked to the infection have been reported, and the total number now stands at 632.

Tuesday 27 April: 250,000 first vaccinations in Cologne

In the afternoon it was 250,000. The first vaccination was given in the cathedral city. In total, approximately 336,000 doses of the vaccine were injected at the vaccination center and in the city’s medical practices. This week, there are still free vaccination appointments for all Cologne residents over the age of 60 with the Astrazeneca vaccine. Appointments can be made via A system for reserving urban appointments is agreed upon.

The injury dates back to 240

On Tuesday morning, the Robert Koch Institute reported 240 values ​​for Cologne. This means that it decreased by about six points compared to the previous day. Also, 259 new infections were recorded, bringing the total number since the beginning of the epidemic to 46,991. The death toll reached 629, and three other people died due to or because of the virus.

A troubling record: Cologne has the highest rate of major German cities

Like one of Statista translator evaluation From data from the Robert Koch Institute showing that Cologne currently has the highest seven-day infection rate of all major German cities at just under 246. Cities with populations over 500,000 were taken into account in the assessment. Stuttgart came second with 216 votes, then Dortmund with 204.

Monday, April 26th: The infection rate decreases slightly

On Monday morning, the Robert Koch Institute reported a slight decrease in the infection value for Cologne, by 245.7. And 356 new cases of corona were recorded, bringing the total number of infections since the beginning of the epidemic to 46,732. Another person died from the virus or contracted the virus, bringing the number of deaths to 626.

Sunday April 25th: Falling jumps another ten points

The seven-day infection rate in Cologne has reached a new high: after the Robert Koch Institute reported 240 incidence on Saturday, it was 250.1 on Sunday. 445 new cases were added within 24 hours.

Overall, the number of those who tested positive has increased to 46,376 since the start of the epidemic. No other deaths were reported, so the total remains at 625.

More vaccine for certain parts of the city

The city of Cologne would like to distribute an additional vaccine in high-infection regions. Crisis team voted in favor of Prof. A “special package” of vaccination doses for parts of the city that are highly susceptible to infection. The city is in exchange with the government of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The map shows the occurrence of Corona in the regions

a The map now appears How high are the infection numbers in individual Cologne regions? For example, Roggendorf / Thenhoven with an incidence rate of 529 and Chorweiler with an incidence rate of 520 well above the city-wide average of 250.

In the Libur region, the incidence was given up to 714.9. Last week, eight people there tested positive for Corona. However, only 1119 people live in Libor.

The numbers on the map are updated weekly, most recently on April 22.

Saturday April 24: The infection rate continues to rise

The Robert Koch Institute showed 239.7 cases in seven days in Cologne on Saturday morning. Thus the value increased again by four meters. 403 new infections reported within 24 hours.

In total, the institute has counted 45,931 cases in the city since the start of the epidemic. The number of corona-related deaths increased by four more, to 625.