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Inca Boss: A Bitter Love Confession!  "The real bastard"

Inca Boss: A Bitter Love Confession! “The real bastard”

“I will not let more bastards in my life”

Inka Bause does not want to grow up alone and longs for a new man by her side. Today, however, it is definitely hard to be satisfied as before.

I Don’t let more bastards in my life! When you’re young, it’s easier to deal with. It was faster for me to let a man into my life, but I also broke up faster and thought: “Oh, the next will surely be around the corner”,

I explained. However, she pleaded not to build a protective wall: “We have to dare, we You should not be afraidFrom being hurt, lied to, or betrayed by a potential partner. If you want to love, if you want to find love, you have to risk and open yourself.”

This is how Inca Boss’s dream should be

Requirements for the potential partner of a Leipzig citizen have changed. So today they place less value on the outline of their prey – tall, dark-haired men. You can impress Inka with completely different qualities.

A man must be able to ignite something inside of me. formatted It must be. And the humor It is very important to me,

Emphasize the popularity of television.

Well, one man or the other should feel like addressing you…

You can watch “Bauer sucht Frau” with Inka Bause at any time RTL + Watching, watching.

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