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In the United States, UPS parcel carriers will soon earn $170,000

In the United States, UPS parcel carriers will soon earn $170,000

The increase was announced on a conference call.
Jim Young/Reuters

The average UPS driver could earn $170,000 a year in salary plus benefits five years from now.

Tech workers said UPS driver salaries compete with tech salaries.

Some tech workers said they felt “underpaid” by comparison, while others said UPS drivers had a tough job.

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The average UPS driver could earn a six-figure salary under a new contract. Tech people have mixed feelings about this.

During a conference call Tuesday, UPS CEO Carol Twomey said the average full-time UPS driver will receive about $170,000 annually plus perks like health care and retirement benefits at the end of a five-year contract with the Teamsters union. The comments came after UPS last month My family an agreement With the Federation of Teamsters around us 340,000 UPS delivery drivers and package deliverers represents, to avoid a possible hit. The agreement has not yet been officially ratified by union members, but the results of a vote on the issue will be announced later this month.

Some tech workers have taken to social media to suggest that a wage increase could make drivers’ wages more competitive with employees — and senior tech workers have responded with a mixture of anger and appreciation for the union.

“It’s disappointing, how can a driver earn so much more than the average R&D engineer’s income?” books An employee of independent trucking company TuSimple on Blind, an anonymous website that uses his company’s email to verify users’ employment. “For a base salary of $170,000 as an engineer, you have to work hard, and that sucks.”

It’s important to note that the $170,000 figure represents the total value of the UPS package, including additional services, not the base salary. depending on the company UPS drivers currently earn an average of $95,000 annually, plus an additional $50,000 in perks. The average median salary for an engineer in the United States is According to Glassdoor $103,845 (€94,100), with a base salary of around $91,958 (€83,400). And the research engineers at TuSimple can be loud Glassdoor data Earn between $161,000 and $250,000 (€146,000 and €226,750).

Other Blind tech employees expressed similar dissatisfaction. Business Insider has not independently verified users’ identities.

“I don’t mean to belittle others,” wrote an employee of Centene Healthcare, “I consider how much a loved one or funder would need to make that much money.” In a separate blind thread.

while argue Many workers, including a key employee, say that software engineers are “underpaid”: “The engineers who designed the truck they drive are more important because the impact on society is greater, including providing a tool for work.”

“300 thousand dollars in the Gulf is equivalent to 90 thousand dollars in most parts of the country,” He said A Microsoft employee at Blind said, “Drivers earn it at LCOL,” referring to low-cost-of-living areas.

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While some Blind workers have argued that UPS pays its drivers more than its software engineers, data from glass doorReports indicate that software engineers at the company earn between $111,000 and $168,000 (€100,750 and €152,500) – a figure that is likely to rise five years from now when the average salary for a UPS driver reaches $170,000.

“What you do is important work.”

UPS drivers have to be very active on the job, have to lift and organize heavy packages and have trouble working in extreme temperatures.

UPS drivers have to be very active on the job, have to lift and organize heavy packages and have trouble working in extreme temperatures.
L.M. Otero/AP

Although some technicians were displeased, many workers indicated that UPS drivers work under difficult conditions.

“Stop acting like an elite” books An Amazon employee Blind said, “Why do you think a person who does long-distance driving should get paid less than an engineer? What they do is important work. How do you think your groceries or favorite stores are stocked?” They risk their lives by driving 12 hours a day, sometimes in stormy weather.”

Other tech folks have challenged workers to imagine what it would be like to take on the challenging role of a driver at UPS. a job Insiders previously reportedUPS drivers have to be very active on the job, lifting and organizing heavy packages and struggling to work in extreme temperatures. UPS employees often have to work holiday shifts, which are notoriously stressful given the high volume of packages.

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Claire wrote: “I would like to introduce you to my dad who has been delivering for UPS for over 35 years, hauling hundreds of packages in the 40 degree Texas heat, who is literally Santa Claus in December and does it nine hours a day at 67” fu , product manager at Color, On X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

“Have fun if you can’t take a vacation between Thanksgiving and New Year’s,” books Another Fishbowl employee.

On Tuesday Bloomberg reportedHe said the number of people looking for jobs at UPS increased by more than 50 percent after the temporary agreement was announced. However, the publication noted that new employees must first learn the role of a UPS driver because the company requires employees to work in its warehouse first.

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