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In the United States man works 10 minutes a day

An American used automation to digitize his work a year ago and has not worked since. No one noticed.

Briefly essentials

  • An IT professional in the United States only works 10 minutes a day for a year.
  • This is possible because he automated his own work (not yet noticed).

Nothing done, about 82,000 for that Franken Aggregation. What seemed like a dream to someone in the United States has come true. Spending time with video games after the epidemic is his regular “daily work.” Only: No one knows anything about it.

Because that man works as an IT expert in a law firm. However, he soon realized that his workload would not fill the entire work day. Subject: Killing time in the office!

Home Office: Automation of your own work

The plague only brought “salvation”. He automated his own by working from home Jobs. He transformed himself. This is by setting up the work system with a direct connection.

At Reddit Man expresses his brilliant idea – anonymously. Accordingly, he is responsible for monitoring the resources in the cloud server.

For a year now, the American has been sitting at his desk for only ten minutes a day. Without anyone finding out about him yet. Despite the lavish annual salary – he has no guilt.

An American has digitized his work and now does very little work. Should he be punished?

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