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In the slip field: Erding turns to St. Lorenzen and laughs from third place – Styrian football – results, tables and scorers from all STMK leagues.

SV St. Lorenzen / Kn.
ATV Erding

After losing 3-1 St. Lorenzen He also lost the fifth game of the season, resulting in a classic false start. In the end there was no doubt about the balance of power. ATV Erding Solve the obligatory task with flying colors. Duswald’s followers have already made their way to third place. What also happens? What is still possible there?

The religious side is very surprised

The match starts at its best for the hosts who can advance in the fourth minute with a penalty kick from Alex Holman. Will you really be able to get the first points in the fifth game of the season? At least the intent is clearly audible among Grassl’s men. It is clear that the beginning stage is dominant. Irdninger doesn’t have much to oppose at the moment. But the guests behave rudely, with the first two options, you can turn the game on its head. Christoph Dom uses a goalkeeper’s flight without a motive to equalize 1:1 in the 22nd minute. It is 1:2 moments before the first half whistle. Manuel Eder puts Erding ahead for the first time in the 45th minute.

Erding is more stamina

The host also wants to know in the second round. Whatever is available is returned to the scale in order to score at least this one point. Gallon and Omar find options to tie 2-2. But with both opportunities you miss out on the necessary focus. This is like the red thread during the previous search for points. This is how it happened, as it happened, the 92nd minute: goalkeeper Edler sees a red yellow card for wrongly playing. Planck takes advantage of the time and takes the penalty kick to 1:3.

Game sound:

Rudolf Holman, Officer St. Lorzen:

“This time there was no clear difference. It was also the first win of the season in hand. For example, if our chance to score 2-0 was taken. But that way we fall very far behind.”

Oberliga Nord: SV St. Lorenzen / Kn. – ATV Gabriel Erding, 1:3 (1:2)

By: Ligaportal / Roo

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