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In the civil service despite psychological treatment

In the civil service despite psychological treatment

sTris in college, then a pandemic. Lots the students They struggle with what is now the “enameled third semester,” as Federal President Steinmeier described it in his speech at the start of the summer semester 2021. In particular, student teachers who want to seek psychological help face a problem. Rumors persisted that her status as a government employee was on the edge of a precipice after treatment. Despite two rulings on equal treatment by the Federal Administrative Court (Az: 2C 12/11 and Az: 2C 16/12), there is a great deal of uncertainty.

At some point, the stress got too great for Johanna Pedersdorfer, a German language and psychology student from Heidelberg. She went to treatment and accepted, as was rumored, that she would not be able to pursue her future career as a government employee. Not many of his fellow students had this courage. Joanna Pedersdorfer tells of a person who only benefited from the unprotected counseling provided by the university’s psychological counseling center and did it without the necessary treatment. Another friend even paid for the therapy sessions out of his own pocket, even though he was well worth the costs of statutory health insurance.

Students often wait a long time out of uncertainty

Cases like this are on the rise, confirms a student from southern Germany who wants to remain anonymous. It works on a voluntary basis for an association that runs a student hotline. There he hears reports about everyday concerns such as stress in the shared apartment or depressed moods and tries to convey appreciation to the callers.

In his experience, many students fear being described as completely inappropriate during a formal medical examination. This can sometimes lead to ridiculous accidents: some patients ask their therapists to attest that the disease has developed so little that the importance of the diagnosis can be underestimated as a frivolity in front of the medical official. This reduces the number of sessions approved by the health insurance company needed for recovery.

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Due to the uncertainty, students often wait a long time before they contact universities’ independent counseling centers. Sabine Koster warns that untreated problems can turn into illnesses. Headed the Center for Psychotherapy Counseling in Karlsruhe. There is one that comes to the conclusion that subsequent inpatient or outpatient treatment will be necessary. But many students turned it down due to persistent rumors.