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In the catch-up game against SV Rott: Can Lindenthal jump to fourth place?

In the catch-up game against SV Rott: Can Lindenthal jump to fourth place?

Landesliga Mittelrhein Season 2: SC Borussia Lindenthal-Hohenlind welcomes SV Rott and is able to make a huge jump up the table.

While the rest of the league can enjoy a free weekend, the SC Borussia Lindenthal Hohenlind In a catch-up game against SV Root Run again. Or rather, he might. Because the team from West Cologne has a great chance: with a win, Lindenthal can move to fourth place.

Going into the last two matches before the winter break with a win at home and a fourth place – that was the prospect for the coach’s side David Gila Not necessarily of course, given the results of the past few weeks. October was from Lindenthal’s point of view A month to forget, no league match could be won, and there was also the end of the Middle Rhine Cup. Admittedly, all of the opposition came from the upper table area – however, after a very successful start to the season, it was likely that Lindenthaler or the other could be hoping for more points against the ‘big’ in the State League.

trend reversal in time

The chance to take the first half of the season to a good conclusion and continue to be at the top now presents itself in the catch-up game against SV Root. Appropriately, the Green Eggs seem to have shaped themselves again at just the right moment. There was one final match Undisputed victory 4-0. And although it was “only” against the taillight from Brauweiler, the way to win gives hope for a successful first half of the season. On top of that hit too Janice Waffenchmidt Twice, so Borussia’s top scorer is definitely ready for the upcoming matches.

Competition is breathing down your neck

Discount SV Root Above all, you have to be careful not to slip up on the cheating end. Coach team in the national tight league Andrew Bozicha Currently, with 16 points, it is in 11th place in the table – but at the same time tied with it Colscheider s (fourteenth place). Since the previous results are not encouraging, the rest of the program is out SC Germania Erfstadt-Lechenich And the Eintracht Verlautenheide, anything but regular customers, there is a risk of falling to the bottom of the table. So that this does not happen, the match in Lindenthal – after the last three defeats in a row – is, of course, the first opportunity to score again.

Where is the flight headed?

The importance of every game in this National League season also illustrates the following fact: Although Lindenthal can guide himself higher with wins and SV Root Feeling the pressure of the competition from below, both teams are drawn to an away win at SV Root Same points. Supporters of both sides can look forward to the outcome of this game.