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In love like the first day!  Luca Hani and Christina Luft look back two years ago

In love like the first day! Luca Hani and Christina Luft look back two years ago


February 26, 2022 – 4:20 pm hour

Exactly two years ago I started to Luca Heine And the Christina Aviation everything. In the thirteenth season premiere of “Let’s Dance”, they became a married couple and several hours of practice and live performances Later for lovers. This love story is still amazing for both of them. “We never thought we’d be here in two years and be so happy, it’s just crazy,” Christina exclaimed in an RTL interview. You can just feel it: the two are still as in love as they were on day one. And they still remember fondly their meeting in 2020, as we explain in the video above.

“Everyone said they looked at us”

In 2020, Christina and Luca have made no secret of the fact that they want each other as “Let’s Dance” dance partners. Feelings were not involved at the time. Even if many viewers and fans saw it differently, as Christina recalls: “Everyone said they looked at us.” Rumors have simmered for weeks – Lucas also played a kiss on the forehead for Christina. After the conclusion and then the great love news: Yes, the two really fell in love!

This forehead kiss at the end of the show heated up the 2020 rumor mill.


Is Luca Haney jealous of Mike Singer?

Now Christina Luft has a new dance apprentice: Singer Mike Singer, who performs salsa with her at the premiere, while Luca was seated in the audience. Does jealousy play a role? In an interview, the 27-year-old made everything clear to us: no, not a trace! According to Luca, the former “Let’s Dance” nominee is very jealous that he wants to dance too. But he also enjoys seeing Christina in her element: “He almost pee in my eyes when she danced like that – I’ve never been able to see him from the outside like that!” He is just proud of his fiancée.

Kristina Luft moves to Switzerland: “I’m an immigrant, this is a really big problem!”

“Let’s Dance” isn’t Christina’s only big project. More exciting chapters await them – with Luca, of course! The two have been engaged for a few weeksThey are already busy planning their wedding. In addition, the 32-year-old is moving to Switzerland: “I’m migrating, that’s a really big deal!” Away from the dance floor, Christina still has a lot to plan: “It’s a different country, it’s a different mindset, it’s also a different language to me. Everything is so new and exciting.”

However, her focus now is on “Let’s Dance” with Mike Singer – and Luca takes care of the rest: “It’s so nice to have someone behind me who is always there for me.”

“Let’s Dance” on TV and online at RTL +

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If you can’t get enough of dancing: Several previous seasons of “Let’s Dance” are also available to stream anytime on RTL+. (coa)