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In "Londongrad", the oligarchs get nervous

In “Londongrad”, the oligarchs get nervous

For years, British elites courted wealthy Russians without asking exactly where their wealth came from. After the attack on Ukraine, the conservative government announced a major shift, but it has a harder time sanctioning Putin’s oligarchs than the European Union.

Eaton Square Belgravia: Among the wealthy Russians, the posh neighborhood of West London is one of the most popular residential areas in the British capital.

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The path leads from idyllic Hampstead Heath park overlooking the city center to Highgate Cemetery, to splendid former villas with extensive gardens. North London is not only one of the most expensive areas of the British capital, but is also particularly popular with wealthy Russians. The office of the Russian Defense Attache is located in one villa, and the office of the Moscow Trade Mission is located in another. It is located between a private clinic and luxury homes Witanhurst . CottageIt is the second largest private residence in the city after Buckingham Palace. Only thanks to one Research for “The New Yorker” It has been revealed that the legendary £350m mansion has been acquired by the family of a Russian fertilizer tycoon – through an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands.