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In Bussnang, you have to make room for the winter service

In Bussnang, you have to make room for the winter service

As Bosnang municipality informed, cars should not be parked on the streets in winter, and street bumpers should cut their vegetation.


To ensure the winter service in Busnang municipality runs smoothly, residents are asked to pay attention to a few things.

shrubs and trees should be cut so that they do not stand out in the passage space; Not even when there is wet snow on them.

If possible, cars should be parked in private parking lots and not on the street.

Parked cars are a major hindrance to clearance work. Society declines all responsibility for any damage that occurs.

Snow should not be shoveled in the street

Private landowners have to shovel snowworms caused by the removal wagons themselves.

Residents are also not allowed to shovel front yard snow into the streets.

De-icing vehicles are dangerous for children

Snow is usually removed in very difficult climatic conditions.

Vehicles are large and powerful, need space to remove heavy snow and a certain speed.

Therefore, all parents are required to inform their children of these special risks.

Vehicles that make themselves noticeable with their own orange rotating lights and noises should be widely avoided.

Taps should always be free of ice

The municipality is responsible for cleaning the taps. However, this does not mean that locals do not visit from time to time eye can cast in it.

The shovel spout greatly increases safety in the event of a fire.

Winter service representatives and the warehouse team strive to clean the traffic areas as much as possible in the winter.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to fulfill all desires, which is why residents are required to adapt their cars or personal equipment to winter conditions.

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