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In Brazil, 4,195 people were reported dead from Covit-19

Brasilia, Brazil today set a new daily record from Covit-19, recording 4,195 deaths in 24 hours, bringing the total to 336,947, according to the Ministry of Health.

The average daily death toll in seven days is 2,757, the highest in the world.

Similarly, in the first six days of April, the number of deaths accumulated was 15,432, the worst month with a number maintaining the March trend of 66,573.

The portfolio update indicates that 86,979 infections were reported from Monday to Tuesday, and that this has generally reached 13 million 100 thousand 580 since the first outbreak in February 2020.

Dr. Dimas Kovas, director of the Button company, the world’s largest maker of the drug against the disease, predicted yesterday that Covit-19 would reach 5,000 daily deaths in Brazil.

‘The next 15 days will be very dramatic. We have crossed two thousand (deaths per day), we have already crossed the three thousand barrier, we are moving towards four thousand, we will reach five thousand, ‘Kovas predicted in a detailed interview with the Veeram Economic newspaper.

According to the doctor, April will be a tragic month for the South American company, and he explained that it is useless to tell the health ministry “what it needs, what it needs, it needs vaccines”.

The health portfolio has difficulties in obtaining antigens, but not only of Button, above all, he said.

“Everyone is already committed, everyone has their responsibilities and cares about fulfilling them,” he explained. “It is very difficult to make progress because the world needs it so much,” he reiterated.

Kovas estimated that it was unrealistic to expect a rapid acceleration in the number of vaccines in the coming months.

According to his calculations, what the country can do until July is to vaccinate people who are at risk of contracting the disease. To date, 20 million (9.8 percent of its 212 million people) have received the first dose and 5.8 million (2.7) the second dose.

Brazil appears to be the second country with the highest number of deaths and pollution due to the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus that causes COV-19, which is surpassed only by the United States.