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In Australia: Ex-Bolzano star breaks new ground – ICEHL

In Australia: Ex-Bolzano star breaks new ground – ICEHL

Former Bolzano star Mike Dalhuizen is making a name for himself. © Social Media

Mike Dalhuizen was an absolute fan favorite at HC Bozen two years ago. The uncompromising protector has now taken completely new paths and ended up on the other side of the world.


Thomas Debeliak

Many Bolzano fans remember Mike Dalhuizen fondly. On the one hand, the defender cleaned the Fox defense with his 104 kilograms in the almost champion season 2022/23. On the other hand, because Dalhuizen works a little differently than many experts. Hailing from the exotic ice hockey country of the Netherlands, he started his job at HCB in his camper van and the professional athlete also founded his own fashion brand. So it is fitting for Dalhuizen that he now embarks on a completely new path.

The defender has recently been mixing ice hockey concrete on the other side of the world. More specifically in Australia with the Sydney Ice Dogs, a semi-professional team. His departure from Bolzano was announced a year ago and the 35-year-old ended up down a few weeks ago after he finished the previous season in Romania.

A real fighter: Mike Dalhuisen in HC Bozen uniform. © Rosario Multari

“I've been called several times over the last few years,” says Dalhuizen Sport News-Request. “I love exploring the world and meeting a lot of new people. I decided to accept the invitation and play in Sydney this year,” said the Dutchman.

“I want to help make ice hockey popular here.”
Mike Dalhuizen

Ice hockey and Australia? At first glance, it doesn't seem to fit together. In fact the Australian Ice Hockey League only has ten teams competing in the championship. “The level here is not high, but all the boys, including the coaches, are very eager to learn. And I want to help the game become popular here, that's why I also work as a youth coach. There are some programs to teach kids the basics of hockey,” Dalhuizen said.

The fun factor is not neglected

Of course, the Australian experience should not be ignored by the former Bolzano crack, who played in the American Hockey League during his career. “I try to explore the country as much as possible. I have four days off a week so there's a lot of time. I live in the Sydney suburb of Dee Wye, which has a lovely feel to it,” Dalhuizen says of his life.

Mike Dalhuizen is enjoying life.

But his Australian adventure was only a temporary commitment to the Dutchman. “The season here lasts till August and September. After that I will return to Europe. I still don't know which club I'll play for.” Mike Dalhuizen's ice hockey career has certainly been an adventure.