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In Australia, Bitcoin is available at post offices

In Australia, Bitcoin is available at post offices

Anyone who invests in cryptocurrencies and wants to buy shares of the currency will usually turn to generic crypto exchanges on the Internet, in some cases House Bank and at least the Post Office – which is completely absurd in Australia. Possible in the long run in 2020.

It is always clear that the clocks tick down differently. This event has been extended to the crypto world, however, thanks to an interesting and brilliant collaboration between the crypto exchange and the Australia Post. The service is available at a total of 3,500 post offices across the country. Here’s how it works: Crypto fans and investors first place their order on the crypto exchange, then it all starts and the corresponding order must be paid at the local post office within two hours. Bitcoins can be purchased not only this way, but Ethereum.

Holger Nilsson, CEO of, firmly believes that integrating crypto purchasing processes into everyday life will break down barriers and encourage people to become interested in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies Usually increases. Buying at the post office feels safer, especially for beginners, than exchanging anonymously online in front of a home screen. Crypto Mining and Bitcoins & Co. ‘S possession still has a suspicious backlash to certain segments of the population, so he may be right about that. As soon as the service was launched, Arians thanked the Australian Post for its openness and progressive cooperation.

Not an isolated case

From 2019, Bitcoin machines will also be available at selected post offices in Austria, where Bitcoin can be purchased easily and offline. For example, tourists can also engage in crypto trading in Salzburg and Innsbruck during their travels. Collectible crypto stamps are also part of the Austrian Post range.

The Deutsche Post may have sometimes followed suit and decided to successfully combine simple day trading (mail sending) and the innovative financial business of the future (cryptocurrencies). The approach is always far-sighted and practical.