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In a special report, meteorologists warned of extreme cold with temperatures as low as -2°C

In a special report, meteorologists warned of extreme cold with temperatures as low as -2°C

Asuncion: San Juan said goodbye to winter yesterday to make way for a cold front. For this reason, we urge citizens to take precautions, as temperatures up to -2°C await us. Below you can see where the frost is.

According to the latest report from the Directorate of Meteorology and Hydrology, a new cold front is about to start on Wednesday, with a dip of -2°C expected.

As of today, temperatures should drop, with moderate winds from the south. The special report said that the forecast weather conditions will lead to a significant drop in temperatures from night to early morning, which will lead to frost formation in large parts of the national territory.

On Thursday and Friday, the expected minimum temperature in some regions of the country drops to -2 degrees, especially in the interior, where frost is expected. As in Pilar, San Juan Bautista, Casapa, Villarrica, Ciudad del Este, Coronel Oviedo, Pozo Colorado and Mariscal Estigarbia.

0 and 1 degree temperatures are also expected in cities such as Encarnacion, Paraguar, Salto del Guaira, San Pedro and Pedro Juan Caballero.

You can see the exact information from the listed table of the Met Office.

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