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Imprisonment for shopkeepers in Australia

eIn Australia, a man who filmed and teased police officers injured after an accident was sentenced to ten months in prison on Wednesday. The 42-year-old has been in custody for 300 days and is expected to be released soon. Judge Trevor Wright described the man’s actions as “heartless, cruel, and shameful.” The mortgage broker pleaded guilty to his conduct in violation of “public morality” and other laws. He also apologized to the families of the deceased. However, they did not accept the apology and were disappointed in the verdict.

A particularly blatant case of a cockroach has been causing a stir in Australia since last year. That person describes himself as “Australia’s most hated person”. With his sports car on the highway near Melbourne police stopped him madly. When officers tried to arrest him, a truck veered off the road and into a group of four police officers. The driver of a sports car in the suburbs of Australia’s second largest city has fled.

Police officers died of their injuries. After the crash, he filmed a few minutes on his cell phone. The person had commented directly with insulting and bad comments on his records. While he was fighting for his life, he made fun of an officer who was trapped under a truck. Although the judge strongly condemned the man’s behavior, he found no complicity in the police officers’ death. In addition, it should be taken into account that the man was generally “demonized”.