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Impressive video showing Mars crater at 8 km

Impressive video showing Mars crater at 8 km


The HiRISE camera (High-resolution imaging science experiment NASA regularly provides great images of the surface of Mars. She’s been on board since 2006 Mars reconnaissance vehicles in the orbit of the red planet.

Registrations are open to anyone interested on the web in HiRISE . site Available (or to leisurely click on the official flickr account). And he can do it himself Shawn Doran Download hole data and create awesome hole 8k video to treat. It’s showing it now on youtube:

Specifically, the data comes from an as yet unnamed crater of a volcano in Meridiani Planum area. The diameter is approx 1 kilometer. In order to achieve high image quality, Doran reduced noise and re-scaled materials, among other things.

Speculation about turquoise green

On Twitter and YouTube, some users are wondering if the green spots might be water. This is not possible. The turquoise green color on the sand dunes in the crater is likely to be of a different composition or finer materials than the surrounding areas. Also this The mineral olivinewhich is prevalent on Mars, could be responsible for the green appearance.