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Impressive official sales figures

Impressive official sales figures

The second “Dying Light” branch can be booked successfully. This is confirmed by the units sold in February. The predecessor also has impressive sales numbers.

Polish development studio Techland has published sales figures for its Dying Light subsidiary. This highlights how successful the action-packed zombie series has been.

So Dying Light 2: Stay Human is already kicking off its release month – so in February – More than five million times Sell. This is an excellent achievement, especially given the tough competition in the form of Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring.

In the meantime, we’re already heading towards the end of April, which is why the number of sales is likely to be much higher. Techland notes in a press release that the numbers are “significantly increasing every month.”

Successful long-term survival must be supported. Five whole years The developer wants to support a post-apocalyptic RPG and action game. New missions, regions, and in-game events are planned.

Next patch coming soon

next is “One of the most common spotsSince the release, which is supposed to appear by the end of the month. It includes, among other things, the New Game Plus mode that gives the player a new spin as he progresses. Story extensions have also been planned for a long time, the first of which will be released in June. With this content and more to come. Techland cause surprises.

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Official figures are also available for the predecessor: the first part is published seven years after release More than 20 million units sold. Accordingly, an impressive milestone can be broken.

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