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Impaled Unicorn Nurse (†33).

Impaled Unicorn Nurse (†33).

“For reasons of piety” we refrain from describing in detail what we experienced. But the fact is that the zookeeper was mortally injured as a result of a blow to the head from an 1,800-kilogram elephant.

I caught Julian K. (†33) With the half-meter-long horn of the 30-year-old animal from South Africa between the fence posts. The upper body of the employee from Germany was pierced.

The yeti, a white rhinoceros from South Africa, was once considered cute. Its species is threatened with extinction. While the zoo is reopening today, the indoor rhino enclosure will remain closed for the time being.

This tragic incident reminds us of a similar drama that occurred in 2005 at the Schönbrunn Zoo. At that time, a bull elephant stabbed the guard with its tusks during his morning routine.

Handling wild animals is always a risk, as previous fatal accidents at zoos show. A keeper was also killed by a jaguar at Schönbrunn Zoo in 2002.

There have also been fatal incidents in Switzerland: a Zurich Zoo keeper was attacked by a tigress in 2020. The 55-year-old woman died from her injuries.