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Österreich, Wien: Dicht an dicht liegen Coronaviren beieinander, 3D-Abbildungen

Immune flight – blood components can ‘camouflage’ the Coronavirus

When we get infected with the Coronavirus or are vaccinated against it, antibodies form in our bodies that are supposed to fight the virus – but it may happen that the antibodies and the immune system cannot do this.

There are several reasons for this. Researchers from the United Kingdom now have another variant of the so-called Immune flight Discover. The blood component biliverdin is clearly helping the Coronavirus. This protein is responsible for the fact that the bruises turn green over time. In the laboratory, researchers found that biliverdin molecules stick to the virus in the same places as antibodies, and that biliverdin makes it difficult for the immune system to recognize the virus.

Protein is made, among other things, when blood vessels are damaged during a corona infection. According to the researchers, the fact that it practically hides the virus from the immune system could be an additional explanation for severe courses. The researchers say their findings could also help develop materials that are effective against the camouflage mechanism.

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This message was broadcast on April 26, 2021 on Deutschlandfunk.