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Immigrant “Goodbye Germany” Lena Lorenzen showing tattoo makeover

Religious parents were strictly against it

TV immigrant shows off her tattoo transformation

Immigrant “Goodbye Germany” Lena Lorenzen wants to please herself with her 250 tattoos. On her path to self-realization, she has left a lot behind.

This German TV immigrant has undergone a transformation that touches your skin. Lena Lorenzen, 34, grew up in a completely religious family and was bullied at school. At the age of 22, the decisive step towards self-realization was taken. Lorenzen left home and went on an internship abroad, where she was stabbed by a dandelion in her shoulder.

After 13 years, she has tattooed her entire body. It is said that she has already left 150 thousand euros in tattoo studios. The money was enough for more than 250 models – there was practically no trace of bare skin left. Her passion captured a woman from North Rhine-Westphalia one or another modeling job for tattoo magazines. Now Lorenzen wants to start as a tattoo artist with the immigrant show on “VOX” in America.