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Immediately delete the Android app: The Smartphone app deletes the account

Immediately delete the Android app: The Smartphone app deletes the account

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from: Victoria Maywald

Android users should now pay special attention. The application contains a Trojan horse that can automatically empty your bank accounts.

Dortmund – Looking at your bank account can spoil your mood. But if all the money is suddenly lost through no fault of your own, all alarm bells should go off among consumers. Perhaps the Android app is to blame.

Android Trojan “Xenomorph” scans bank accounts – all money is at risk

The warning about the dangerous Xenomorph Trojan is only partially new. After all, malware has been spreading in Android smartphones since the beginning of 2022. But now it’s really dangerous (More Warnings in RUHR24).

Previously, the Trojan was only able to read the banking details of smartphone users. However, after an update, the dangerous software can automatically perform transfers – even cheating and bypassing multi-factor authentication. Thus, the victims’ money was quickly lost. As reported by RUHR24.

Danger to Android smartphones: “Most advanced and dangerous banking Trojans”

Researchers from ThraetFabric, a computer and network security company, have discovered the latest version of the Xenomorph. According to them, the malware with the new update is one of the “most advanced and dangerous banking Trojans”.

Meanwhile, the scammers behind the malware can sit back and relax. Because Xenomorph is designed so that everything works automatically, from installing software to transferring (more digital themes in RUHR24).

A dangerous Trojan hides behind a smartphone app – the app is still on the App Store

Xenomorph is hiding behind an app that is also currently available in the Google Play Store (as of March 16th). It must be noisy technology book The app is “CoinCalc” from the manufacturer Sam Ruston. The dangerous Trojan is then installed via an alleged app update.

Users who have the CoinCalc app installed must use a Immediately delete the app and there are definitely no updates to implement.

Warning Trojan horse is currently spreading on Android smartphones. © Westend61 / Imago

It targets bank clients of ING Diba, Commerzbank, Postbank, Deutsche Bank and Sparda

the The crooks are behind the Trojan Targeting victims all over the world. It targets a total of 400 banks, mostly from the United States, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Australia, Canada, Italy, Portugal, France and Germany.

Xenomorph targets banking applications from ING Diba, Norisbank, Comdirect, Commerzbank, Consorsbank, N26, Postbank, Deutsche Bank and Sparda-Bank, such as technology book mentioned.