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iMessage – Apple threatens the UK with the end of

iMessage – Apple threatens the UK with the end of

A law is pending in Great Britain that would give various providers a tough decision because the government wants access to encrypted messages. This affects Apple with iMessage (and FaceTime).

However, Apple directly emphasizedIt is more likely to leave the UK with the Services and remove them before they affect the security of all users. Something like this can’t just be changed for one country, Apple has to adapt it for everyone.

But it’s not just Apple, because end-to-end encryption is a key feature for messengers like WhatsApp and Signal. The legislation is still under consideration and providers are currently hoping the government will step in.

It’s one thing when you (like the EU) demand a standard (like USB C), but I wouldn’t do that either. I also hope the services see this through to the end as I don’t want to miss out on this feature.

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