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'I'm the greatest gentleman': Now the 'Tinder scammer' speaks

‘I’m the greatest gentleman’: Now the ‘Tinder scammer’ speaks

Shimon Hayut, 31, has lived for years on other people’s money. Israeli He travels the world as a “Tinder scammer”. On the dating platform, he pretends to be a rich heir. He wins the hearts of his victims with luxurious dates and then asks them for money. He is said to have taken about 9.2 million francs from the women. He has now been shown a documentary on Netflix which has been a huge hit all over the world.

Now the alleged scammer spoke for the first time. at CBS ‘Inside Edition’ Show Hayut denied all allegations. He’s just a “single guy” who wanted to meet “a few women” on Tinder, says the Israeli. “I’m not a Tinder scammer.” The Netflix documentation is incorrect. They present history as documentation, as fact. But this is a completely finished movie.”