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“I’m not interested in gossip”: GC star Ana Maria Marković loves her former club colleague

“I’m not interested in gossip”: GC star Ana Maria Marković loves her former club colleague

Ana Maria Marković has been called “the most beautiful footballer in the world” in many places.


Ana Maria Marković is both a footballer and a social media star. In an interview, the GC player spoke about her comeback plans after her serious injury and her love affair with former GC professional Tomas Ribeiro.

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  • GC player Ana Maria Marković is on the way back after suffering a serious knee injury. In the new year you want to attack again.
  • She revealed in an interview that she is dating Portuguese professional footballer Tomas Ribeiro.
  • The two met when Ribeiro was still playing in GC.

Ana Maria Markovic, who plays in the Swiss Women’s Super League AXA, has just three million followers InstagramWhich is almost the same number as captain Nati Granit Xhaka has. In this way, fans of the 24-year-old Croatian get glimpses into how she fights to come back from her serious injury.

In March, Markovic tore his cruciate ligament, and his meniscus as well as the internal and external ligaments were affected. Every footballer’s nightmare. In one Interview with “20 Minutes” program But now she says something that should please all her fans: “I’m in a very positive place and I’m looking forward to the second half of the season when I’ll be ready to play.”

Markovic admits it hasn’t always been easy mentally: “You’re fighting against your weaker inner self and you have to make your body your top priority during your rehab.” The injury also disrupted her career plans. I have dreamed of moving to Germany or England, but this is not a problem in the short term. Markovic says on the “20 Minutes” program: “First of all, I have to assert myself again in the Swiss League, and once I achieve the first goal, I can think about what will happen next.”

Marković makes her love public

Time without football does not only have negative aspects, because Markovic finds happiness in his own life. So she confirmed that she is in a relationship with Tomas Ribeiro. The 24-year-old played for the Hoppers from January 2022 to the summer of 2023 before returning to his native Portugal to play for Vitoria Guimarães. The two met when he was still playing in GC.

He initially kept the relationship secret, says Markovic, because “first and foremost, I wanted to know if a long-distance relationship would work out.” The 24-year-old didn’t mind the rumors spreading: “I’m not interested in gossip.” She simply realized that she needed Thomas by her side because he supported her. “He was the person who was there for me the most.”

The relationship will soon be put to the test. Because during her rehabilitation, Markovic was more flexible in terms of time than she will be in the near future. “From January, when I can play again, we will of course be less flexible, but we will have more quality time,” the striker said.