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"I'm not a killer!"

“I’m not a killer!”

He has to pay for a mistake he apologized for. In an interview, Thomas Markle did not leave his daughter Meghan Markle with good hair.

The basics in brief

  • Thomas Markle shoots his daughter in ’60 Minutes Australia’.
  • The retiree cannot understand Megan’s loss of communication.
  • While he is at peace with himself, he is highly critical of Megan.

Thomas Markle (76) made his threats valid in an interview broadcast on Australian TV today. In an interview with “60 Minutes”, the father was not stingy with the allegations against his daughter Meghan Markle (39). The retired photographer is still unable to understand why he was cut off from contact.

He complains: “Of course it hurts. There are ax killers in prison who are visited by their families. But I am not an ax killer, I made a stupid mistake and have been punished for it ever since.”

Meghan Markle cut off contact

Review: The father-daughter relationship has been disrupted for years. Thomas Markle was ahead of Megans wedding With Prince Harry (36) He persuaded them to put up paparazzi pictures showing him preparing for a wedding.

Because of his health, he finally missed his daughter’s big day, which he did not want to postpone the celebration. This was followed by public accounts on his part and Meghan Markle, who completely cut off contact with her father via a message.

“You have no sympathy”

Since retiring from the royal family, Meghan has not only given birth to her father, but also to her own father Royals on kicker. The black-haired beauty accused the royal family of racism, and she was with her depressions been abandoned. There was a lack of sympathy for her at Buckingham Palace.

The Sussex family has now made that sympathy into their Archewell Foundation. Good food for Thomas Markle.

“They have made an offer and are asking for sympathy. But there is no sympathy for me, nor for my family, and no sympathy for the world.” Megan’s behavior is “cool”. Ouch!

On the other hand, he does not see any flaws in himself. “If it’s my fault, tell me how and I’ll fix it.”

Despite the harsh allegations: When asked what he would like to say to his daughter if she was watching, he said, “I love you. I wish we could sit down and talk about it. I’m not a monster.”

Should Megan accept her father’s offer of peace?

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