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"I'm glad Dominic's fiancé is a man"

“I’m glad Dominic’s fiancé is a man”

Tammy Glauser and Dominic Rinderknecht broke up last year. The Bernays model is now speaking for the first time about Domi’s flashpoint engagement in South Africa.

Tammy Glauser talks about the engagement of Dominic Rinderknecht. – Instagram /schweizer_illustrierte

The basics in brief

  • Dominic Renderknecht has recently been engaged to South African Drew Gage.
  • Model Tammy Glauser is happy that her ex-husband is not dating a woman.

In November 2020, Tammy Glauser (36) The Domninque Rinderknecht (31) Announces the end of love after four years.

While Tami finds himself in Bali, Rinderknecht falls in love with South Africa musician or instrumentalist And the Rookie pilot Drew Gage. The former Miss Switzerland recently announced her engagement.

So far, Glauser has not commented on the love and happiness of his ex-partner, and now the Byrne model is breaking his silence.

Tammy Glauser: ‘I’m delighted to be engaged to her husband’

“I’d like to treat her to this,” Tami explained to Schweizer Illustrierte.

Tammy Glauser is also happy that Rinderknecht is engaged to a man, not a woman. “In all honesty, it would have bothered me a little more if I had been a woman. Then I always wondered what you have now that I don’t.”

With a woman, you always have a competitive mindset, with a man a little different, like that non-binary form.

Glauser remains in regular contact with the ex, “and we’re still very happy with each other,” Tammy confirms.

Since the training of a Reiki master, the form has not been out of place on a social level. “I have changed (…) and instead I want to stay at home.” Therefore contact with Rinderknecht is limited to phone calls and SMS.

Are you still in touch with your ex?

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