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Ignazio Cassis still wants to bring Russia to Bürgenstock

Ignazio Cassis still wants to bring Russia to Bürgenstock

However, it appears that Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis is currently working on inviting Russia, as NZZ writes. “The conference on Bürgenstock aims to launch the peace process,” EDA spokesman Nicolas Bedou explains to the newspaper. He added: “Switzerland is convinced of the necessity of involving Russia in this process.”

Swiss diplomacy is actively working to achieve this. He added, “The peace process without Russia is unthinkable.” EDA President Cassis has always maintained that both warring parties are essential for peace. Last January, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reported that Switzerland invites Russia to participate in the peace process.

According to the newspaper, Cassis receives support in his efforts from other members of the bourgeois Federal Council. They do not want to be accused of not being impartial.

Accordingly, from the point of view of the Four Commoners, Viola Amherd allowed herself to be captured too easily by Volodymyr Selinsky. At the beginning of the year, he asked Switzerland to organize a peace summit.

However, with his peace terms, he effectively ruled out Russia's participation. “It's difficult for Russia to be there,” Amherd also told CH Media newspapers at the time.

According to NZZ, for Cassis, Russia's participation in the Bürgenstock conference is of secondary importance. The most important thing for him is to bring the two warring parties to the negotiating table at some point.

In addition, none of the topics agreed upon at the conference so far will have military consequences. According to the current position, humanitarian issues, food security, freedom of navigation and nuclear security will be discussed in Bürgenstock.