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If the Packers win: Head Crash!  Next Horror injury in the NFL - American sports

If the Packers win: Head Crash! Next Horror injury in the NFL – American sports

Now the invincible has been hit!

After a massive start with seven wins into the NFL season, the Arizona Cardinals lost at home in Game One “Thursday Night Football” with 21:24 against the Green Bay Packers. So the last undefeated team suffered their first defeat.

The Packers had around star quarterback Aaron Rodgers a 7-1 record as the Cardinals.

The next panic attack will overshadow the first game of the season. Cardinal player Jonathan Ward remained on the field after the collision.

Totally silly
How could Mahomes not break his neck here?

What: NFL

And we’re going with a penalty kick! The German Saint Equanimus St. Brown is punished for holding out on the first attack.

Cardinals Tour! Trick Play – Chase Edmonds rushes through everyone to the finish zone! The plus point flies too. 7: 0!

Problem for both teams: A spotlight at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona broke, flashing constantly. This disrupts the game! This annoys players!

crazy scene: Cardinals’ defense attorney Isaiah Simmons catches Aaron Jones’ storming and throws him. The cameras show: The Packers runabout, who always carries his dead father’s ashes with him in a chain around his neck, finally falls to the end zone. drop! In addition to the kick inside! 7: 7!

Simmons is absolutely pissed off, he snaps angrily to the verdict, I can’t believe it.

Beams are in the lead! Mason Crosby with the first field goal of the evening. 21 yards to 10:7 for Green Bay.

Green Bay is walking on! Aaron Rodgers landing pass to Randall Cope. This was preceded by a super catch from Saint Brown near the end zone.

The extra point is close. 17:7!

Cardinals are responding! James Conner is going downhill. His seventh touchdown this season. With an extra kick it’s now only 17:14.

wounderful seen: Jonathan Ward (Cardinals) and Keelen Hill (Packers) crash into each other at full speed. Hill was hit in the knee, Ward, who was hitting his head first in an opponent, was still. Silence on the field!


After the collision, Ward (left) and Hill remained on the ground

Photo: Norm Hall/AFP

It is unclear whether Ward had a head or spinal injury. This looks bad! He is strapped to a stretcher from the field. You can see that he is moving his eyes, that is, he is conscious.

Ward (Cardinals) seriously injured exit from the stadium

Ward (Cardinals) seriously injured exit from the stadium

Photo: Norm Hall/AFP

The game continues – and the next shocker! Robert Tonian injured his knee in a Packers attack and requires treatment. He can at least limp off the field.

A strong start for the packers in the fourth quarter! Rodgers shoots the ball into a cup. drop! With an extra kick it’s 24:14.

Cardinals are not finished yet! exactly the contrary! Conner scores his second touchdown in the game. The extra kick is now only 21:24.

Then things get really exciting! Jones jumps like a torpedo in the end zone. Video referee decides: Gaaaaanz almost no relegation for players!

Shortly thereafter, Rodgers attempted a run – and was stopped just before the end zone. The Cardinals can even stop the next Packers attack! Crazy is not for the faint of heart here!

Cardinals rush forward! And then!

You have 12 seconds left – then a fatal error! AJ Green turns away from throwing the ball. The ball lands in the end zone of Packers defender Rasul Douglas.

the end! Invincible end!

Trick play endlessly
No NFL game day has been so great this year

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