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If the NBA rumor is true, the Lakers will be close to defeat - US Sports

If the NBA rumor is true, the Lakers will be close to defeat – US Sports

This would be a transition that would give the NBA a real jolt!

The Los Angeles Lakers are looking for reinforcements after the first round playoffs. Huge superstars LeBron James (36) and Anthony Davis (28) want a real star on their side so they can play for the title again.

One name has been mentioned a lot in the past few days: Damian Lillard (31) of the Portland Trail Blazers.

The most important rumor: He must definitely want to go to the Lakers! And LeBron totally wants to have him on the team, and he is said to have already called him. Interesting: Lillard plays a role in LeBron’s new movie “Space Jam 2”, which premiered in the United States. So they both have been spending a lot of time together lately…

if The Right – and this change works – then the Lakers will be almost invincible next season!

The super trio with LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Damien Lillard is hardly unstoppable!

Even after the Portland playoffs against the injured Denver Nuggets, speculation abounded that Lillard wanted to leave — or that new stars would be on his side to finally play for the title.

it’s clear: Time is running out for him at the age of 31. He has no chance of winning the championship for many years.

It is alleged, according to media reports, that Lillard has already requested an internal change. The builder, who is currently preparing for the Olympics with Team USA in Las Vegas, made it clear publicly Friday that he hasn’t. However, the Los Angeles Times, citing a reliable source, reported that Lillard does not want to file a change request in the next few days – but it’s entirely possible after that. The source is said to have said Lillard was torn.


Damian Lillard started with the US basketball team at the Tokyo Olympics

Photo: Chase Stevens / AP

It is also clear: Portland won’t let him go like this!

Lillard, who has a so-called Supermax contract for the next four years and will earn more than $176 million, will raise $43.75 million in the next year alone. The Lakers can’t handle that right now.

But this is not impossible! The Lakers can work on the go by switching multiple players and selecting the draft. Because: If Lillard really wants to go to L.A. — Portlanders should consider whether they want to keep a star who’s willing to change or if they want a fresh start.

By the way, rapper Ice Cube publicly advised Lillard to go to the Lakers!

“If you want to win a title, you have to join the Lakers! If you just want to score a lot and be a champion on your team – stay in Portland! Come to the Lakers and win the title! You deserve it!”

Lillard has been one of the best point guards in recent seasons. His career average score is 24.7 points. In his nine years in the NBA, he was only once in the Western Conference Finals—there was a disastrous bankruptcy against the Golden State Warriors.

By the way, the Golden State Warriors is also considered a candidate for action. Lillard on the side of Steve Curry? This also seems like an almost unbeatable combination…

An exchange with Philadelphia’s Ben Simmons should also be an option, US media reported.


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