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Ice Hockey World Cup: The Czech Republic and the United States Clearly Winning - Canada must tremble

Ice Hockey World Cup: The Czech Republic and the United States Clearly Winning – Canada must tremble

Finland defeated Canada after sanctions. Photo: Cornerstone

The Czech Republic is clearly outpacing Slovakia – and the United States wins the group

On the final day of the group stage, the Czech Republic and Switzerland could celebrate safe victories. In the other group, the United States secured the group’s victory against Finland, while Canada relied on Germany or Latvia’s help to reach the quarter-finals.

Group A.

Slovakia 3-7 Czech Republic

After the failed start of the World Cup with defeats against him Russia And the Switzerland The Czech Republic can now celebrate its fifth victory in a row. The Slovaks had no chance – after only 23 minutes they were three goals behind. The Czechs responded to the first Slovak goal with three more goals.

However, the Slovaks did not give up and even tried after 3-6 without a goalkeeper. Then Lepor Hajik scored the empty goal for the final score. The Czech Republic finished third, behind Russia and Switzerland, while Slovakia also reached the quarter-finals in fourth place. The winners of Group B are waiting there, and the United States and the Czech Republic meet with Finland.

Slovakia-Czech Republic 3: 7 (0: 2, 1: 2, 2: 3)
Riga, Olympic Sports Center. Bruegmann / Gwen (USA / Canada), Constantino / Oliver (France / USA).
rip: 1. (0:29) Zadina (Hajek, Moravjic) 0: 1. 16. Spacek (Zadina) 0: 2. 23. Radel (Soster, Solak) 0: 3. 27. Sukel (Fasko-Rudas) 1: 3 40 (39:49) Soulak (Spacek / Oculus Busbecil) 1: 4. 44 Stransky 1: 5. 46. Blümel (Stransky, Moravcik) 1: 6. 49 – Baku (Holesinsky, Buc) 2: 6 59 verse (58:57) Busbessel (Silerik) 3: 6 60. (59:43) Hajj (Hanzel, Smejkal) 3: 7 (ins leere Tor).
punish: 3 money 2 minutes.
Notes: Slovakia with Hudacek (41 Hoska) and the Czech Republic with the will in goal. Slovakia from 59:23 to 59:46 without a goalkeeper.

The Czech Republic celebrated a clear victory over its neighbor, Slovakia. Photo: Cornerstone

Switzerland – Great Britain 6: 3

Switzerland – Great Britain 6: 3 (2: 1, 4: 1, 0: 1)
Riga, Olympic Sports Center. – SR Frano / Sir (CZE), Hynek / Ondracek (CZE).
rip: 11. (10:31) Hoffman (Corvey) 1-0. 12- (11:08) Kirk 1: 1. 17. Loeffel (Scherwey, Siegenthaler) 2: 1. 26. Kirk (Richardson, Hammond / Exclusion Hischier) 2: 2. 31 (7:30) Alatalo (Corvi, Hischier) / Exclusion Lake) 3: 2. 31 (30:20) Birchi (Sheroy) 4: 2 37 Bercy (Diaz, Sheroy) 5: 2. 38. Hischier (Kuraschew) 6: 2. 54. Connolly (Kirk, Hammond) 6-3.
punish: 3 times 2 plus 10 minutes (Muller) against Switzerland, 4 times 2 minutes against Great Britain.
Switzerland: Beira / neveler (from 41st place); Diaz, Muller. Loeffel, Siegenthaler; Untersander, Moser. Alalto. Rudd, Birchy, Sheroy; Ampoule, Corvey, Hoffman; Herzog, Hesshire, Koracho; Mayer, Fermin, Andreughito; Moths.
Great Britain: Bones / Whistle (AB 41.); David Phillips, O’Connor; Tetlow, Richardson; Clements, Swindlehurst; Earhardt. Connolly, Hammond, Kirk; Dodd Berlin Lake; Betteridge, Lachowicz, Hook; Jonathan Phillips, Myers, Dogan.
Notes: Switzerland without Simeon, Paraplan (both injured), Genoni, Geyser, Frick and Heldner (all redundant).
Post / sit-in divisions: 44. Hoffmann, 59. Siegenthaler.
Shots: Switzerland 53 (19-22-12); Great Britain (7-8-0).
Play power: Switzerland 1/3; Great Britain 1/2.

Group B.

Canada-Finland 2: 3nP

Canada needs help Germany Or Latvia hopes to reach the quarter-finals. Maple loses its last group game against Finland after a penalty shootout. If Germany and Latvia, who lost to Canada, share points in the tonight’s direct match, the proud hockey nation will only be able to finish fifth in Group Two.

Canada led most of the match thanks to an early goal from Brandon Perry and a quick reaction from Maxime Comtua (29) after the Finns drew in the 22nd minute. Four minutes before the end, however, Arttu Ruotsalainen equalized in Finland’s favor. There was no injury in overtime.

Canada – Finland 2: 3 (1: 0, 1: 1, 0: 1, 0: 0) nP
Arena, Riga. SR Björk / Nord (SWE), Lundgren / Yletyinen (SWE).
rip: 2. Perry (Villardi, Ferraro) 1: 0. 22. Al Suwaidi 1: 1. 29. Comtois (Brown, Mangiapane / Ausschluss Lundell) 2: 1. 57. (56:00) Swedish (Lundell, Ojamäki) 2: 2 .
Penalty Shootout: Lundell – Berry 1: 0; Casque 1: 1, Perfetti -; Minalanine 1: 2, filardi -; Swedish 1: 3, Henrique 2: 3; Bacarenin -, brown -.
punish: 1 time, 2 minutes against Canada, 2 times, 2 minutes against Finland.
Notes: Canada with Kuemper and Finland with Olkinuora in goal.

Italy-USA 2: 4

The United States of America Secure yourself with victory against Italy Group B wins. With only six wins and one defeat, the Americans can be more than satisfied. Kevin Labank and US team top scorer Conor Garland ensured a safe win with two strikes each.

The Italians have to surrender after seven matches without a win, as was expected after the group stage. They didn’t score a single point. However, they will also be able to participate in the World Cup next year, as relegation has been suspended this year.

Italy-US 2: 4 (0: 3, 1: 1, 1: 0)
Riga, Arena. SR Romasko / Sidorenko (RUS / BLR), Goljak / Lasarew (BLR / RUS).
rip: 7. Labank (Shea) 0: 1. 11. Labank (Beniers, Clendening) 0: 2. 20. (19:45) Garland (Robertson, Tennyson) 0: 3. 22. Fridge (engraved) 1: 3. 30 Garland 1: 4. 47 – Gilliati (Ausschlüsse Thompson; Frigo) 2: 4.
punish: 2 times, 2 minutes against Italy, 3 times and 2 minutes against USA.
Notes: Italy with Acres and USA with Oitinger in goal. Italy from 58:00 without a goalkeeper. Italy Time Out (59:25).


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