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Ice Hockey World Cup 2021: Video Assistant Referee in Norway against USA

Ice Hockey World Cup 2021: Video Assistant Referee in Norway against USA

Strange scenes in the afternoon!

In the USA’s 2–1 win against Norway, the video evidence was the focus once again. In the second trimester, the North Americans wanted to use tough play for the next goal when the score was 1-0. (World Cup 2021: All matches and results)

Trevor Moore worked hard to the left of the Norwegian goal and bypassed the goalkeeper – but Emile Lilleburg blocked the goal on the line. And then it got strange.

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While Lilberg was the lead between the two runners, Connor Garland came flying and put the ball alongside another Norwegian defender into the net. Lilburg flew in a high arc over the American striker. (All you need to know about the 2021 World Cup)

The judges didn’t see a target, but decided to take another look at the scene on screen. After only a few minutes they came to a decision that it was not a regular goal.

VAR blocks USA gate

Garland, who was able to score 1-0 in the 11th minute, slid the stick forward towards the puck, but only pushed it into goal with his hand.

But American boys haven’t dealt with the setback for long. After just five minutes (28), Tage Thompson increased to 2-0.

The Norwegians tried to turn the game again, but scored in the 55th minute only through Ken-Andre Olimp.

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This temporarily puts the United States in first place in the German group. On the other hand, Norway no longer has a chance to qualify for the quarter-finals.

Russia wins with magic help

Switzerland was defeated by Russia 4: 1. It is already the tenth consecutive bankruptcy of the Confederation against Sbornaja at the World Championships.

The Swiss were at the same level throughout the match, but five crazy minutes in the final third decided the match in favor of the Russians.

After Anton Burdasov’s goal in the second third (35), Russia entered the final division with a 1-0 lead. Niko Hescher managed to equalize in the 48th minute.


But then Anton Slybyshev began the renewed leadership of Sbornaja with magic help while sitting (50). Then Sergey Tolchinsky made the decision (52), before Tolchinsky finished with his second goal in the empty net.

Russia tops Group Two with 12 points. Switzerland is still in second place at the moment, with nine points.

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