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Ice hockey on the construction site: the first will be the first

Ice hockey on the construction site: the first will be the first

Munich – The first time, you’re supposed to never forget it. Well, goalkeeper Daniel Wesinger and striker Justin Schutz of EHC Red Bull Munich have secured this unique selling point. The two were the first to play ice hockey at the fledgling Saab Park. On inline skates – but at full speed – youngsters competed in a training duel on an improvised ice hockey rink at the construction site of the Olympic site.

Whereas, ice for ice hockey, parquet flooring for basketball, handball, or other sporting events is expected from September 2022.

Legend has it that the EHC duo snuck into the site at night, sprayed a field and then played until the early hours of the morning until the site manager caught them. The brief but plausible reason: “We just wanted to be the first.”

“The world’s most modern multifunction arena”

SAP Park will accommodate up to 11,500 spectators. Every year all Red Bull München home matches, no less than 15 FC Bayern München basketball matches and 40 other sports-related events will be held here. The six-storey complex has an area of ​​about 70,000 square meters on a floor area of ​​22 thousand square meters. This also includes three covered ice rink areas that are specially designed for training in popular sports and sports.

“It will be the most modern multi-function arena in the world,” Don Jackson, success coach at EHC, said recently. “We are looking forward to playing there.” Schutz and Fessinger have already done it.