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Ice hockey: Austria begins preparations for A-WM

Ice hockey: Austria begins preparations for A-WM

The Austrians, who only actually qualified for the World Cup in Division 1A (B-WM), will meet Finland, USA, Czech Republic, Sweden, Latvia, Norway and Great Britain in Tampere as a substitute team for Belarus. Therefore, many first-class opponents are planning until the World Cup. Head coach Roger Bader once invited 22 players to join Linz. They had a chance to prove themselves in friendlies against the Czech Republic on 6 April away from home and in Linz on 8 April.

“As usual, we are talking about rolling planning in preparation for the World Cup. Many players at home and abroad are still in the play-offs and therefore unavailable. In the last few years, players have been taking advantage of their chances since the first few weeks, developing themselves and recommending them,” Bader said on the ÖEHV broadcast. To do other tasks.” The cup team is finished. Every player has a chance to win the World Cup.

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Bader has to find the right mix for the A-WM challenge

Make the best use of time

The majority of players in the Tests against the Czech Republic are provided by teams from Innsbruck, Graz, Dornbirn and CAC, which were eliminated in the ICE Hockey League quarter-finals. There are four snowboarding sessions before the first game. “That’s too little. It is critical to use this time optimally. Speed ​​and intensity will be the focus of attention in the next few weeks,” Bader said.

The top country in the Czech Republic will show what the team can expect at the World Cup. “I find it very positive that we are playing against a world-class team at the start of the pre-season. This allows us to know where we need to be in the next five to six weeks.” The result does not matter, but the evolution. Depending on the course of the play-offs in the domestic and international tournaments, other players will be nominated for the team camp.

Young followers can prove themselves

Speaking of nominations: On Friday, Leon Wallner, Finn van E and Armin Braiser, three young players, moved into the team camp and could prove themselves not only in training but also in friendlies against the Czech Republic. “Wallner, Van Ee and Preiser are young talents who are here now to show themselves and gain experience,” Bader said of the three substitutes, of which Wallner and Van Ee belong at the heart of the U20 team.

“Above all, I would like to give the young players the opportunity to taste the national team, take advantage of this experience in further development and recommend themselves for other tasks,” says the team manager. Local ice hockey fans can look forward to Wallner in particular. Because he showed rapid development in the second Swedish league: “He confirmed himself in Södertalje SK and is now a regular player,” Bader says of the hope for the youth.