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I will try to win every race

I will try to win every race

3:23 PM

Verstappen: Try to win every race

Max Verstappen was the biggest stalker at the Bahrain Grand Prix and eventually he had to settle for second place. In the past, he still talks about “a great start to the season”. Because Sacher’s weekend was extremely “positive” in terms of performance. “However, this does not guarantee anything to Imola.”

Last year, he had a good race at Emilia-Romagna until his hole (and retirement). “It’s too early to tell how we’re going.” But his intentions are clear: “Desire comes from within and I am excited to try to win every race separately. Let’s see if we can have better success.” And: “Of course there are always things we can do better.” This can be seen as a small declaration of war …

3:48 PM

Steiner: “It didn’t work out for BWT”

let’s change the subject. You probably remember the pre-season rumors that Mick Schumacher’s car might be turning pink. Ultimately, BWT sponsor remained with Aston Martin. We asked Haas Team Leader Gunter Steiner about it. In our region Video interview Steiner confirms that there was a connection: “It didn’t work with BWT this time, for whatever reason – I don’t want to go into details.”

And: “BWT people are good people, they have been in Formula 1 for a long time, they contribute a lot to it. Everyone is grateful to them. This is a good company. Just: What is not today can become tomorrow,” says an open back door.

3:42 PM

How to properly bypass Imola

In this video Charles Leclerc shows us how you can overtake Imola. Munigas invokes this amazing maneuver against Kevin Magnussen last year.

3:28 p.m.

Peres: He learned about this in Bahrain

Sergio Perez’s first race in Red Bull couldn’t have been more exciting. It was thought his debut would end before the race started, after all he got the RB16B up and running again on the formation lap. From the end of the field he fought his way to fifth place.

In Bahrain, the Mexican also managed to learn a lot from his team-mate Max Verstappen. “I learned a lot, for example about the driving style of the Max and how the car should be driven to get the most out of it,” Perez says. This was the biggest gain in knowledge. “Now I know what kind of car balance I need over the weekend.”

2:55 PM

Raikkonen: “Don’t make us illusions.”

Of course, the Alfa Romeo team hopes for a good race at home in Imola. Team captain Frederic Fasour is basically satisfied with the start of the season in Bahrain (P11 and P12). “We’ve made a big leap in performance, perhaps one of the biggest jumps in the field, and we are now fighting for the midfield,” said the French happily.

The goal of the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix is ​​clear: points. “Last year we had the best result of this season here,” recalls Vasor. Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi took the 9th and 10th places. He added, “Snowman”: “We are sure that we can also be in the middle of the battle on points in Imola, but we have no illusions that it will be easy.”

2:43 PM

Facts and figures about the Grand Prix of Imola

With a total of seven wins, Michael Schumacher remains the most successful driver for the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari. There were a total of 15 different winners in Imola. Two of the active drivers can still be found: Lewis Hamilton (2020) and Fernando Alonso (2005).

Thirteen drivers have managed to take center stage in Imola so far. Two of them are still active: Valtteri Bottas (2020) and Kimi Räikkönen (2005). With eight poles, Ayrton has not defeated Senna to this day. In 1994 he got another …

2:13 PM

Seidl: “Would you like to bring more updates?”

Of course, McLaren wants (again) to clinch third in the World Builder Championship. The British team should “take the next step” this year, says Andreas Seidel V.AvD Motor & Sport MagazineIt would be great for us if we could confirm third place. However, we are realistic: We were somewhat restricted in development due to the placement of the engine.

Additionally, there was tough competition from AlphaTauri, Ferrari, and other teams. The Bavarian confirmed, “But I can see that we have taken another step.” Regarding the development for 2021 and 2022, he said: “We want to introduce some additional updates to the car. But at some point we will have to switch to a car next year.”

2:04 PM

Ferrari: development on the SF21 through June

In the 2021 season, teams will have to operate to unprecedented standards, such as an upper cost cap or an air handicap. So it will be especially important to determine when the team will fully direct resources through 2022. At Ferrari, according to a report by ‘Cars and sports, To enter in June.

In fact, the team originally wanted to focus entirely on changing the ground rules, because SF21 cannot be expected to work miracles. But with the car now running better than expected, and the goal of finishing third in the constructors’ championship doesn’t seem unrealistic, the development will continue for another two months. Already in Imola, a small aerial upgrade should bring further improvements.

1:23 PM

Imola racing schedule will be modified

The Grand Prix schedule for Emilia-Romagna will be modified. The reason: The funeral of Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, who died a few days ago at the age of 99. “As a sign of respect for the royal funeral, the qualifiers have been postponed to avoid a collision with the funeral mass,” a statement by the International Automobile Federation said. In addition, a minute of silence will take place before the start of the qualifiers.

New Imola Racing Schedule:

Friday, April 16:
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM – FT1
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM – FT2

Saturday, April 17:
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM – FT3
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM – Qualifiers

Sunday, April 18:
3:00 PM – start of the race

1:12 PM

Italy contest with the rookies at Haas

The last name of an Italian racing driver or an Italian dish? Nikita Masbin and Mick Schumacher had to answer that question. Not that easy …

12:51 PM

Technology: How Mercedes Recovers Downforce

Mercedes and Aston Martin are two teams hit hard by rule changes ahead of the 2021 season – at least that’s what Aston boss Ottmar Zavnauer claims. Cars with severely reduced vibration were punished by both teams by reducing downforce.

Our technical experts now take a closer look at how the Mercedes World Championship team wants to regain lost pressure. You can find all the details in this analysis!

12:46 PM

Vettel will be denoted: “Leave the church in the village.”

“You have to leave the village church. It’s been a racing weekend now, and it hasn’t gone well.” Andreas Seidel, McLaren Team Leader, conducted this analysis atAvD Motor & Sport MagazineNot through his own squad, but Sebastian Vettel. He still knows the Aston Martin driver from his time at BMW-Sauber. “As a four-time world champion, I expect him to respond.”

He is also convinced that “Sebastian has never forgotten how to drive”. Seidel remains optimistic, saying, “There’s a reason he’s a four-time world champion. He’s been racing really hard at Ferrari and he’s going to see it as well with Aston Martin. I think we’ll see great results from Sebastian this year.”

12:29 PM

Video: A new edition of Zoom!

What’s behind James Allison’s redirection, what his future role is at Mercedes, and whether he will likely become Toto Wolf’s successor as team leader is the topic of the latest issue of the Zoom F1 vodcast on YouTube channel.

Other themes in the current Zoom F1 program are Daniel Ricciardo’s claim that, in his opinion, many drivers dare to overtake Lewis Hamilton in a Mercedes, and the final pass from Ferrari captain Mattia Binotto in the direction of Sebastian Vettel.

Zoom in / Zoom out: Mercedes loses its tech head

Why is James Allison stepping down as Mercedes coach and who will succeed him? What about Sebastian Vettel and Aston? More Formula 1 videos

12:16 PM

Vettel vs Imola: “A road you can attack”

“It was nice to have more time between the first two races,” Sebastian Vettel said at the Imola Grand Prix preview. This year’s calendar won’t always be soft, as the German knows. The long break after the Bahrain race gave Aston Martin “an additional opportunity to look at the data and understand where we need to improve the AMR21”.

The path in Imola is a “very different challenge” to Bahrain, says Vettel, “It’s a path you really can attack, so I’m looking forward to it.”

12:06 PM

Grogan: “It’s no longer fun.”

A new chapter for Romain Grosjean will start next weekend, and he will be competing in his first IndyCar race. Before that, he was looking at his performance in Formula 1 compared to ““You can’t drive in Formula 1 for ten years and you wouldn’t be happy with that,” he says.

His only regret was that he did not have a car that could have won the World Series. “But was this in my hands? Maybe a little, maybe not.” Anyway, he enjoyed his time in the first act, but Grogan also admits at the end: “I’m tired of fighting with Haas to get out of the first quarter if things go great. It’s not fun anymore.”

11:42 am

Father and son united

Several father-son teams have succeeded in Formula 1, and in Verstappens, Jr. Max has long since surpassed Father Goose. However, the two cars share a Honda showroom. RB15 from the 2019 season and RA099, Honda’s prototype from 1999, which was never used in racing.

11:32 am

Alonso: At Imola in die Top 10

Speaking of Alpine- The team at Imola has been known to bring updates, we already reported yesterday in the live broadcast. Marcin Podkowski explains the background: “The Bahrain race has confirmed some of our group’s weaknesses. We are working hard to improve them and make up for some tenths that we currently miss in the battle at the top of the midfield.”

In any case, Fernando Alonso aims to take first place in the Imola top ten list. “We have to fight to get our first points on Sunday. We hope that we have exhausted all the bad luck this year in Bahrain,” he said. He had to finish his race back in the desert prematurely due to wrapping the sandwiches.