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‘I missed it,’ says ‘Let’s Dance’ pro after swapping partners

‘I missed it,’ says ‘Let’s Dance’ pro after swapping partners

Christina Loft and Philip Bowie recently formed a team.Photo: Sasha Scheuermann/Getty Images


Emky Gerets

In this past Let’s Dance episode, candidate Ali Gungurmus was slated to be elected from the show. He received the fewest votes and the fewest points from the jury. But there was a big surprise in the sixth live show, because no celebrity or professional had to leave the show. Instead, there was a sudden exchange of partners.

Ali danced himself with Patricia Ionel and his actual professional trainer Christina Luft with Philip Bowie. Christina had a lot of fun during her performance. She has now spoken to her community She mentioned in the context of what she missed recently as part of the show.

Christina Loft is thrilled with the positive feedback

Christina Luft and Philip Bowie received 25 points from the jury for samba. “I thought a little bit, but other than that it was huge samba,” said former professional arts instructor Jorge Gonzalez. “I think you did a great job,” said Motsi Mabus. “I tried to move more. Much stronger than I’ve seen before.” Joachim Lampe added: “Technically, you’re one of the best here, rhythmically you’re great. That little handbrake needs to be released so it can move a little bit more.”

Thanks Christina Luft for the upvotes.

Thanks Christina Luft for the Instagram/Christina Loft

In their points, they ended up in third place, behind Anna Ermakova and Christian Polanc. So things went better for Christina than for her actual dance partner Ali, who was only able to get 19 points. He still has four more than last time. Finally, on her Instagram story about the latest “Let’s Dance” show, Christina said:

“First of all, thank you so much for the incredibly great feedback. I know, it was obvious to me that this was a different aspect, especially in terms of dance, in terms of the dance. I had other options. But it doesn’t matter in all, both genres.” The choreography really appeals to me.”

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Christina explains what was different for her now

Afterwards, she candidly said, “Maybe Phillip was obviously a different dance partner than Ali. So thank you for the feedback I’ve received. It has honored me so much, I was so happy and it’s deep in my hearts.” Maybe I’ve been missing it a little lately. So thank you very much for that.”

For her, “it was really nice to be able to show another side for so long,” the 33-year-old confirmed. In previous issues, Christina and Ali mostly had to settle in the nether places. In addition, they were already swinging, but then they were able to go to another roll with the help of calls. After the Easter break, they will be back together on the dance floor. Then even two couples are forced to leave the show.