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I met you at the birth via video call

I met you at the birth via video call

At the beginning of June, Meghan Markle’s daughter saw the light of day. The famous midwife from London was there during the birth – but approx.

The basics in brief

  • Meghan Markle has been a mother of two for a few weeks.
  • The Duchess did not want to give up anything for the sake of Lillipet’s birth.
  • The midwife from London should be there too – via zoom.

Meghan Markle (39) and Prince Harry (36) They became parents for the second time a few weeks ago. At the luxury Santa Barbara Country Hospital I saw a little girl, Lillipet The light of the world. Just Stupid: Midwife Megan D. Gauri Motha was on the other side of the Atlantic at that time!

pregnancy expert The former actress stood up Already with the birth of a son archery (2) to the side. And this time, too, the Duchess of Sussex did not want to do without her support. When Lillipet was born, the doctor was simply played on a video call. please what?

for the midwife Apparently this is nothing new. Dr. Motha reveals to People: “I can’t have children with Zoom, but I have one or two births through Facetime and beyond. Telephone Made.” But the Duchess was lucky again!

Can you connect your midwife via video call?

By the way, the Indian childbirth pioneer is no stranger to the world of celebrities. Among her clients since birth are stars such as Sienna Miller (39), Madonna (62), Ghouinith baltrow (48) or a mannequin Kate Moss (47). So it’s no wonder Meghan Markle has also followed Dr. Motha groups.

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