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"I am happy, the last match is no longer about anything" - reactions to the full round

“I am happy, the last match is no longer about anything” – reactions to the full round

Basel – Zurich 4: 0

Ravizen Premier League, matchday 35, season 20/21


Vaduz and Seon have to keep shaking, St. Gallen and FC Zurich can breathe a sigh of relief, and Master YB has an older person to cope with. Reactions to the penultimate day of the Premier League.

There are only two left! Before the final day of the match, FC Sion and Vaduz are still in the Premier League relegation battle and must continue to shiver about relegation after bankruptcies. On the one hand, FC St. Gallen and Zurich can breathe a sigh of relief, even if the mood in the two camps is not different after the mission. Master YB have to face a different kind of setback in their 5–2 win over Lucerne. These are the reactions of the 35th round.

Marco Walker, coach FC Sion

“The penalty kick is bad, then we’ll keep it – and then we won’t run after it. The focus starts there. The ball didn’t go in until it really got in. We have to believe the goalkeeper would dodge from time to time. And then we had a lot of technical mistakes, and the passes weren’t clean.” Enough and once we played it well the goalkeeper from the other side did it very well. “

“You can forget that gifts will be distributed against Basel (in the last game). You are welcome to make us one, but you will not get any of us.”

Lugano – Scion 3: 1

Ravizen Premier League, matchday 35, season 20/21


Mario Frick, coach of FC Vaduz

“We are very disappointed that we are no longer able to keep the league straight. We really wanted to reach the final against Zurich. But you have to admit that we faced a team that was qualitatively better than us. We made it very easy for them, starting from 0-1 through Standard. (…) There are mistakes that you cannot make against a big team. If such a team has a good day against us and it is too enthusiastic and we may face our problems offensively and we cannot free ourselves, then we have problems. But we always knew that: then it would be It’s hard to win these matches. “

“I wish we could have responded better to him. We have more offensive actions. But as I said: If Servet’s day is happy, it will be difficult for us. “

“There are two options now. The cup is either half empty or half full. Either we complain in the next few days that we have lost the direct league receipt. Or we can say that we still have our feet. Our fate is in our hands and I prefer it that way.”

Vaduz – Servet 1: 3

Ravizen Premier League, matchday 35, season 20/21


Lucas Gortler, FC St. Gallen

“That was exactly what we set out to do. Everything works today. Of course don’t assume you’re going to defeat Lausanne, who have a real career and are a really good side, 5-0. But my greetings to the entire team, as well as my greetings to the club and the fans. I’ve never seen a team fight like this and in a relegation battle, but as a team we felt confident and calm from everywhere – and I think that was the key to success. “

“The results were bad, but the style of play wasn’t always. You can tell us that the team is alive, we only have good people with us. We are not a team that fell internally or just didn’t go well. And I’m glad it was worth it. “

St. Gallen-Lausanne 5-0

Ravizen Premier League, matchday 35, season 20/21


“I’m happy with the two goals. However: we are in Europe, this is the most important thing. We played to zero, which is important as well. We won the derby 4-0 and we will definitely take that with us. (…) We let the ball run and dominated the whole match for 90 minutes. That is why we are very happy with this victory. “

Yannick Breischer, FC Zurich

“I was disappointed with the match. But you also have to see that it’s hard when he’s outnumbered for 90 minutes. But I’m also disappointed with the whole season, how it went and how we end now. I’m glad the last game wasn’t about anything for us anymore. But we still have to respect that the other teams are still struggling to survive. That is why we have to take it very seriously, stay fair and do our best in the last game. “

“With the right mindset, something is possible even when you are outnumbered if you are defending well. But the goals come relatively quickly – and once you fall behind it becomes difficult to outnumber you.”

Gerardo Siwan, YB coach

“It is a very sad night. (Jean-Pierre Nesme) sustained more serious injuries on his way to the hospital for an explanation. There is a suspicion of an Achilles tendon injury – it will definitely be a big disappointment tonight.”

“It’s not today to talk about it (his whereabouts as YB coach). Right now I want to enjoy what we have achieved with the team. The team is at the fore today – not the future.”

YB – Lucerne 5: 2

Ravizen Premier League, matchday 35, season 20/21