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Hyundai unveils next Stromer called Ioniq 6

New Stromer Ioniq 6 unveiled

Hyundai introduces the first electric car 911

The Ioniq 5 electric motor has been a huge success for Hyundai. Now the busy South Koreans are adding the Ioniq 6 sedan. The back is reminiscent of a popular sports car.

Hyundai continues its electric offensive: with the Ioniq 6 follows Cross Ionic 5 sedan car. 6 is also making a name for himself with his cool looks.

The new throw from the electric sub-brand exudes retro style. The Ioniq 6 adopts the signature pixel-pattern LED, but it now looks more modern. However, it also uses iconic models. With its curved hood and arched roofline, it is reminiscent of a flat and long hood Volkswagen Beetle.