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Hyeri sends the waiting lady home after one night!

Hyeri sends the waiting lady home after one night!

He doesn’t want to talk between a “farmer, bachelor, looking for” big Heiri and a lady-in-waiting Verena. The 78-year-old speaks a normal text at breakfast.

The basics in brief

  • Gallen, 78, is the oldest solo grower of the season.
  • The widower wants to fall in love again.
  • But the lady-waiting Phryne doesn’t suit the shy Harry.

In old age you know exactly what you want…

the Hyeri shy widower At 78 years old, he is the most mature participant in the new season of “Bauer, single, sucht”.

But Cupid does not mean him well. Court Lady Verena, 69, had a crisis after the first night. At breakfast, Heiri serves not only croissants but also facts.

Because: The St. Gallen native loves to work on the farm and still helps out in the stable every day. He is looking for a woman who is interested in the farm and says frankly: “It bothers me that you didn’t come to the cows in the barn.”

On the other hand, Freeney can’t understand it at all: “We retired and for me it’s about both of us, not about the farm. I’m here because of you, not because of the cows!” she explains.

Were Phryne and Harry a good couple?

“Farmer, bachelor, looking for”: Vreni packs the bag again

But Harry made his decision. “It didn’t work out for me. I’m sorry,” he says. Verena also has to admit that this should not be the case: “We are like good friends.”

The first breakfast together is already the last: the 69-year-old packs her bags and papers. Compassion!

Next Thursday in “Power, Single, Like,” audiences will see if Farmer Hailey can still find his happiness in love.

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