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Hurricane Season - Daniel Will Soon Become a Hurricane - Meteo

Hurricane Season – Daniel Will Soon Become a Hurricane – Meteo


According to the US National Hurricane Center, NHC, hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 30. But in 2022, it’s been relatively calm in the Atlantic so far.

Usually, hurricanes cross the Atlantic Ocean in the summer. 2022 was only the seventh year since 1950 that there was no hurricane from the Atlantic by the end of August.

The NHC has already forecast an above-average hurricane season in the spring. The formation of many tornadoes or not depends on various factors. Basically, the sea surface temperature should be at least 27 degrees. This will be the case. We are also in the La Niña phase, which usually favors the formation of hurricanes.

Desert dust?

A possible explanation for the restricted hurricane season thus far is the large amount of desert dust over the area where low pressure systems form, from which hurricanes later form. The general weather condition in this region was also unfavorable for the development of the cyclone.

Danielle is getting stronger

Storm Danielle is currently heading west of the Azores and is now about to reach hurricane strength. It’s still unclear exactly where Danielle is headed, but it’s unlikely to make it to the mainland, at least not as a hurricane.

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