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Hurricane Harry over Ireland and Great Britain – Snow in Germany

Hurricane Harry causes more snow in Europe. But the core strikes Ireland particularly hard. Weather warnings apply there now.

Briefly essentials

  • Hurricane Harry is moving towards Ireland.
  • There are weather warnings regarding power outages and floods in the country.
  • There is snowfall in Switzerland and Germany.

Okran Harry goes to Ireland And Great Britain. Countries must choose turmoil Weather சித்தப்படுத்து, Weather warnings are given Turns out.

The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. For that the country has to go Power outage And expect storms. Winds could reach 130 kilometers per hour. Great Britain needs to calculate flooding in addition to a lot of snow.

Harry avoids the centerpiece The mainland of Europe. Unlike Germany, Switzerland was not directly affected. But the hurricane is having an impact even more Weather In this country.

As before the whole Attacking the west of the Alps, there is heavy snowfall. Heavy snowfall is expected, especially in Swabia (D) and Allgäu (D), according to «

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