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Hungary 'no longer has a place in the European Union'

Hungary ‘no longer has a place in the European Union’

The Dutch prime minister responded by criticizing the recently passed gay law in Hungary.

The basics in brief

  • According to the Dutch head of government, the European Union is a “valued community”.
  • Hungary no longer has a place in the European Union after the passage of the LGBT law.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte because of Hungary From the recently passed gay law severely criticized. «In my opinion they have in European Union “Nothing more to look for,” Rutte said at the EU summit in Brussels. But he cannot decide on it alone. The other 26 member states must do it together.

Hungary head of government Victor Urban He was rejected at the controversial summit Law To pull. It came into effect Thursday and stipulates restricting information about homosexuals and transgender people. The official goal is to protect minors.

Contrary to what Rutte suggests, there is no procedure to expel a member state from the European Union. A country can only leave on its own initiative.

Ruti: “We want to get on its knees in Hungary”

However, criminal proceedings are already underway against Hungary due to deficiencies in the rule of law such as restricting the independence of the judiciary and freedom of the press and expression, which could lead to the withdrawal of voting rights at the EU level. So far there has not been a sufficient majority among the member states for this step.

“I can’t push her out,” Rutte said. In the case of Hungary, the EU must go step by step. Orbán should be clear that the EU is a “valued community”. We want to get to the knees of Hungary.”

Since the beginning of the year, the European Union has also had the option of cutting money off countries if their proper use is hampered by deficiencies in the rule of law. However, this has not yet been used. The reason for this is the complaints submitted by Hungary and Poland to the European Court of Justice. According to an agreement between heads of state and government, a ruling must be awaited before the mechanism can be used.

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