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Human or technical error? They are investigating the strain on the Suez Canal

The largest cargo ship stranded at Suez is an insurmountable problem for small boats trying to open it. Photo: La Nacion.

The Suez Canal crisis may have been a “human or technical error”, one of the hypotheses the Canal Commission is investigating. Lt. Gen. Osama Rabe, the company’s chairman, told reporters Do not believe that a given landing was caused only by strong winds, As stated at the outset.

In the meantime, The giant container ship got stuck in the Suez Canal for the fifth day in a row. Egyptian authorities made new attempts to float the ship this Saturday, but the operation lasted and the siege will continue for several days.

It is also considered to have removed its cargo as the excavation was not sufficient to move the container ship owned by the Japanese company Shoi Kisan.

Some shipping companies have already begun diverting their ships along the route around Africa, Although long and complicated. But time is running out, and the supply chain is getting tired of waiting, threatening to destroy the world economy.

This is not the first incident ever given

The Panamanian-deadly ship Ever Givan, carrying cargo between Asia and Europe, crashed in northern Germany in early 2019.

A cargo ship collided with a small boat that sank in the Elbe River in the port city of Hamburg.. There were no passengers on the boat at the time, no injuries, but the ship was severely damaged by the collision.

The Hamburg Attorney’s Office opened an investigation against the captain and the cargo pilot on suspicion of endangering maritime traffic, but closed it in March 2020 due to lack of evidence.

(With information from Euronews)