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Hugo Egon Balder stops by with the song "Genial beside" on Saturday 1

Hugo Egon Balder stops by with the song “Genial beside” on Saturday 1

For years, Hugo Egon Balder (71) was the main character in Sat 1 with “Genial besides”, but now it’s over. The mediator throws it away – and settles down with his usual stop. Because Saturday 1 has recently been repeatedly criticized because, among other things, there have been anti-gay attacks and bullying in front of the camera in the format “celebrities under the palms”. “It makes me sad and stunned,” Balder said in an interview with RND.

As an example of the many mistakes Saturday 1 has made recently, he cites his own show. “In 2017, after a six-year hiatus, we started again with ‘Genial besides.’ Shortly thereafter, the broadcaster wanted a daily format that would run under the title ‘Ingeniously wrong – the quiz,'” he said.

Publication date: 06/26/2021 at 12:28 pm مساء

Last update: 06/26/2021, 12:28 PM