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Hugh Jackman doesn’t want Ryan Reynolds to win an Oscar

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“I beg you from the bottom of my heart: do not give him such esteem!” With these expansive words, actor Hugh Jackman addresses his social media audience in an Instagram video — and possibly the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which hosts the annual Academy Awards.

The Australian begins his video with this sentence: “It’s 2023 and I really want to spread positive news.” However, recent events make that impossible, according to Jackman.

Then he took up the movie “Spirited”, an American musical comedy that was shown in mid-November. It stars Will Ferrell – and Ryan Reynolds, who are known to be one of Jackman’s best co-stars. That should also reveal how the Australian Instagram video is perceived.

“Don’t get me wrong, I loved Spirited, my whole family loved the movie.” However, he just found out that “Good Afternoon”, sung by Ryan Reynolds, was shortlisted for Oscar nominations – as “Best Song”.

A Ryan Reynolds nomination for Best Song would make my life unbearable.

Hugh Jackman

“A Ryan Reynolds nomination for Best Song would make my life unbearable,” says Jackman. He had to spend the whole year filming “Deadpool 3” with Reynolds, and: “Believe me, if he was nominated for an Oscar, it would be … trouble.”

For Marvel’s “Deadpool 3,” Jackman is back with the character of Wolverine – although he turned his back on him after “Logan – The Wolverine.” His superhero character has accompanied the X-Men since the early 2000s.

Old pals — and close friends: Actors Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, here at the premiere in February 2022. Image: shutterstock

With his latest Instagram post, Jackman is cultivating a feud that he and Reynolds have been happily orchestrating for years. However: a possible Oscar nomination might actually mean a little sting for Jackman – after all, it’s the Australian who is known for his singing talent, not Reynolds.

Hugh Jackman recently debuted on Broadway in New York with a remake of the classic musical, ‘The Music Man’. He also impressed in cinema with his singing talent, including in the musicals “Les Miserables” and “The Greatest Showman”.

However, in “Deadpool 3”, Jackman can again become an action hero. The film will be shot this year and is set for a cinema release in late 2024. So audiences have to look forward to more entertaining contributions from the two fellows.

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