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Huge renovation by UBS Switzerland – Inside Paradeplatz

Barely in position, take root Sabine Keeler Boss for the hands. It installs followers all over UBS Switzerland.

The climber does not discourage anyone. Even Karen Ortley, praised by many and head of the entire back office at UBS Switzerland, has left – her new boss has fired her.

According to the organizational structure, Oertli is still in theexecutive boardUBS Switzerland, with an interesting new title: Group Head of Compliance, Regulatory Transformation and Governance.

The more blur, the less important. Its main function is Group Compliance with Markus Rohner, Group Head of Compliance.

Bossin Busse in the areas on the right of the wagons. No Mercy is the motto of the top manager, who should be especially close to UBS President Axel Weber.

Adrian Kopijan leaves Zurich and is replaced by a lady named Christa Eminger. She previously headed the Aargau-Solothurn region, where Patrick Hoffmann will intervene on a temporary basis. The governor receives support from Thomas Somerhalder, managing director of UBS and an expert on the area.

In eastern Switzerland, Hanspeter Thor has to make way, the new strongman there is Gian Reto Stoop. A woman named Bettina Gürtler, heads up retail banking in the area.

Finally, French-speaking Switzerland is led so far by Cyril Meury, who is leaving, followed by Gabriel Ebene, who was previously in charge of the riches at UBS in Valais.

According to a source, the majority of the newly elected are close confidants of Keeler-Posey who have been hanging out their skirts for “years”.

Their strength will lie in operations, not digital. In other words: UBS Switzerland will now be governed by concrete minds rather than creative minds.

Companion: Magri (UPS)

The extent to which Keller-Bosser relied on loyalty and familiarity can be seen in the position of COO at UBS Switzerland, COO, Karen Ortley’s aforementioned old position.

The position is held by a woman, namely Sabine Magri. Magri studied political science in Nuremberg and did her thesis at university there. She worked with UBS for 10 years, always close to Keller-Busse, in human resources and then in group operations.

Magri talks and talks, says informant. However, no one knows it yet within UBS Switzerland.

From UBS, it can be heard that Magri was heavily involved in digital reorganization during her tenure in the Human Resources department, which was headed by Keller-Busse at the time.