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Hubble succeeds in capturing a stunning image of the Einstein Ring

Hubble succeeds in capturing a stunning image of the Einstein Ring

© ESA / Hubble & NASA, T. Treu Acknowledgments: J. Schmidt

who – which Hubble telescope He has a great picture for someone Einstein Rings made. This effect occurs when the galaxy acts as a gravitational lens. Because Einstein predicted this effect through his theory of relativity, this phenomenon has been called the Einstein ring.

In the picture, you can see a semi-complete circle, with 2 glowing galaxies are in the middle and 4 more galaxies can be found in the circle. In fact, there are only three galaxies depicted here. In fact, to be exact, they just 2 galaxies and a distant quasar.

The quasar in the middle looks like two points. The two galaxies are in a circle and they look like 4 galaxies in the image. Since the mass of these two galaxies in the foreground is very large, one of them was created Bending in the continuum of time and space. Then the light that travels through this succession of space-time reaches our telescopes in a distorted, but at the same time amplified way. In this case it was the Hubble Space Telescope.

This effect is not only beautiful when viewed, but can also be used consciously by astronomers. Then the gravitational lens acts as a kind of magnifying glass to look into the depths of space. In addition, the distortion size can be used to calculate the mass of galaxies.

But gravitational lenses could also be useful in our galaxy, for example black holes track and around Roaming the outer planets To find those who broke away from their star system.

A large copy of the picture of Einstein’s ring can be found at ESA website downloaded.