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Hubble or an amateur photographer - who takes better pictures?

Hubble or an amateur photographer – who takes better pictures?

© NASA, ESA, M. Livio, and the Hubble 20th Anniversary Team (STScI)

Hubble Made for some breathtaking shots. Among the most famous picturesPillars of CreationAmateur photographer Trevor Jones holding a space telescope AstroBackyard YouTube Channel challenge now. He wanted to see how well he could mimic the recording. Although he has with one 150- NadaJebel and Flutters tracks a lot of expensive equipment – but in his garden, not in space. How well his telescope (1050mm focal length, f/7) against Hubble (focal length 57.6 metres, f/24) can be seen here:

moon on the run

In the Mondfest In Henan (also known as Mid-Autumn) a giant inflatable moon escaped. Two employees followed him down the street, apparently helpless.

La Palma: Lava meets the pool

volcano old summit In La Palma the Canary Island has been ravaged. Has a devastating lava flow Twitter user yerayvm Held by a drone. The recordings are impressive and terrifying.

pig and metal invitations

Yes, there is a pig-calling contest (“pig callingYes, people with creative ways to lure a pig into the barn are competing against each other. And yes, someone put heavy metal under them. Enjoy.

Little tigers and little monkeys

Here is a couple of monkeys disturbing the tiger babies who are taking a bath and this is very cute. But did you notice anything about this video?