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HSV: Thomas Doll's wrath speech: There is room for cows, not footballers for sports

HSV: Thomas Doll’s wrath speech: There is room for cows, not footballers for sports

Thomas Doll’s press conferences (56) are always real highlights!

His angry talk (“I’m laughing at my ass”) from April 2014 has not been forgotten. The Dortmund coach at the time publicly complained and was very upset by the reports of journalists. His verbal revolution is still a huge hit on the internet today.

A star striker relegated to Munich D-Day Lewandowski!

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But even when he was the new coach of Percija Jakarta, the former successful coach of HSV (participating in the 2006 Champions League) really expressed his anger.

At a preparatory course in Borneo, Dolly complained: “You cannot complete a training session like this. It is unreasonable in Germany we send cows to such a stadium, but not football players.”

Bild asked the former player (47 games). What happened there? Dole: “The conditions there have nothing to do with a football field. To offer such a place was a cheek. We didn’t even have a field like this in Malchin.” Background: Thomas began his career in East Germany in his hometown of Mecklenburg at BSG Lok Malchin.

“I was afraid that the players would twist their ankles on the cow meadow and seriously injure themselves,” Dole continued. In the end, Perciga’s pros warmed up before the game on a small patch of grass on the edge. “It went so far.”

In the concept of Man City Haaland’s mini swipe at BVB

Man City's Erling Haaland made a small dig at BVB

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By the way: The coach’s critical words to the journalists present were not translated. She added that the translator was very shocked at this moment. Only later the phrases were translated into a video clip.

Time is running out until the start of the season. And it has everything. Dole starts his new club on July 23 with defending champion Bali United of all places.