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HSV slips into Fürth - Hansa saves 1:1 on Glöckner . debut

HSV slips into Fürth – Hansa saves 1:1 on Glöckner . debut

Darmstadt took advantage of HSV’s slip (0:1 in Fürth) and took the fall championship early with a win in Magdeburg. Previously Heidenheim solved his assignment at Sandhausen, Rostock saved a point against Nuremberg with a new coach.

Patrick Pfeiffer of Darmstadt (No. 5) celebrates the winning goal.
Image Alliance / dpa

Pfeiffer Per Head: Darmstadt achieves record seventh autumn championship goal

At the end of the day, Darmstadt won 1-0 in Magdeburg and were crowned the autumn champions one game before the end of the first half of the season. Both teams got off to a good start, and there were chances here and there in the first half. In the second half, Magdeburg’s Bikini saw red after the VAR intervened due to emergency braking. Debatable decision. Darmstadt could not take advantage of the numerical advantage against the tactically intelligent Magdeburg, but Pfeiffer scored from a corner kick to win (78). Leylin is unbeaten in 17 matches (!), and the rising Magdeburg is one point ahead of the relegation zone.

Sieb match winner for the third time

Forthers are on their way – and HSV felt it on Wednesday evening! Three victories under new coach Alexander Zorniger, three times 1-0 – and three times the team’s top scorer was Armendo Sepp. Brilliant series overshadowed Shamrock in ninth place. While Forth’s first victory against HSV since 1964 was celebrated at Ronhof, disillusionment with harmless HSV prevailed. Especially in the second half, the hamburger team didn’t happen at all and they couldn’t book a single chance. Thus HSV has lost the lead in the table, which Darmstadt can expand on Thursday evening in Magdeburg (8.30pm, LIVE! at Kicker).

German League Two, Round Sixteen

Dramatic final stage in Sandhausen

From behind, third-placed 1. Heidenheim came one point behind HSV thanks to a 4-3 away win over SV Sandhausen, who was in danger of relegation. After the goals of Siersleben (31), Kleindienst (40), Kühlwetter (48) and Sessa (73), everything looked like a clear FCH victory, but after the interim Papela 1:3 (50) in the final also Kinsombi (76) and Esswein (80) for Sandhausen and implied a sensational finishing touch. The battle was not rewarded, and the crisis in the Palatinate region continued to fester.

Nuremberg lost leadership

Hansa Rostock scored a point too late in new coach Patrick Glockner’s debut. Joker Froehling made it 1-1 for the hosts in overtime after Nürnberger (fifth) put the Franconians ahead early on. The club had been waiting to win four games and in danger of hibernating in the relegation zone, with SC Paderborn coming to Max Morlock’s stadium on the last day of the first half of the season.

There is no winner in Regensburg

In a real battle of attrition, Jan Regensburg and Eintracht Braunschweig drew 1: 1. The match at Jahnstadion got off to a good start: Makridis (11) scored a goal for the hosts, and Lauberbach (14) immediately responded. But nothing happened for a long time after that – until Albers scored the goal (65), which did not count according to video evidence because Thalhammer was offside previously. Regardless, the match didn’t have much to offer in the goal area – and so it ended in a draw, with both teams continuing to advance.